RealSure, Inc., its authors and reports, are widely acknowledged as the leading authority on real estate trends and have been referenced and quoted many times. Some testimonials from those that have read our material include:


"I order, at first opportunity, Stefan's annual publication the Swanepoel TRENDS Report. His work providing the real estate industry timely and valuable information is priceless. I urge Brokers and Agents to take advantage of his keen insights."
Alec Hagerty
Speaker and Trainer / Knowledge Sponge Seminars
"Stefan conducts extensive research and truly understands the trends that have and are expected to impact our industry."
Pamela O'Connor
CEO / Leading Real Estate Companies of the World
"Annually I think it'll be a repeat but no! Stefan's writings are always fresh, on tempo and full of useable information. Stefan is totally on top of the real estate industry, its actions, reactions, fads, trends and new views. "
Jerri Rossi
Author / Dog Eat Dog & Vice Versa
"There is an impressive range of information, literature and publications available to the student of today's real estate industry. However, there is only one place to start the search. The Swanepoel TRENDS Report. It will be found on the desks of industry leaders across the country and will be quoted whenever the decision makers meet."
Jeremy Conaway
President / RECON Intelligence Services
"I recently wrote about Tom Peters and his powerful and insightful presentation on leadership and business. He has spent over 30 years studying business, companies and leader, writing and speaking extensively about the various strengths of each. The real equivalent is Stefan Swanepoel."
Mike Green
CEO / Harcourts: Brisbane, Australia
"The Swanepoel TRENDS Report is a must read, every year. It is spot on accurate and provides a strategic edge by helping you understand how to get in front of the competition. Stefan is a true visionary whose enthusiasm for what he does is only matched by his vision and his amazing grasp of our industry!"
Mark Willis
CEO / Keller Williams Realty International
"The Swanepoel TRENDS Report sets a new standard for research on industry trends. I keep a copy on my desk which I utilize often and share with my leadership, members and staff."
Bob Hale
CEO / Houston Association of REALTORS
"The Swanepoel TRENDS Report is a tool that every broker and agent must read. It gives you the edge on the competition by knowing what is going to happen rather than saying to yourself after the fact, "what happened?" In today's changing and volatile market you need to be ale to see the future in order to seize your future."
Dirk Zeller
President / Real Estate Champions
"One of the best jobs of "Pulling It All Together" that I have seen."
Dale Stinton
CEO / National Association of REALTORS
"The Swanepoel TRENDS Report is the industry's premier report regarding the key factors that are shaping the real estate business. The Report serves as a mirror to what we hold up to ourselves to ensure that we're doing the things we need to do to continue to be a highly successful real estate company."
Lennox Scott
CEO / John L Scott Real Estate
"Stefan is the smartest person I have met in real estate."
Tom Ferry
Real Estate Coach & New York Times Bestselling Author

"Swanepoel is indeed gifted in looking at the big picture of what's going on in the industry."
Don Kalal
Broker & Owner / California Brokers Institute, California
"Stefan, Solid Info. We deal with these things on a daily basis in our business, but you don't realize all that is going on in our industry till you see it in writing in a clear and concise form like you have done."
Jason Ellis
Broker / Legends Real Estate, Myrtle Beach
"Stefan gives me the knowledge to make decisions for my company. He is truly an industry icon."
Jay Kinder
Realtor / Coldwell Banker, Oklahoma
"We use the Swanepoel TRENDS Report in almost every weekly sales meeting as a basis for helping our agents understand the big picture. This allows us to stay a step ahead of the market."
Steven K Randall
Broker & Owner / Welch Real Estate Services, Utah
"The hell with CNN, we should all turn to you for updates."
Scott Stulich
Broker / Home Selling Assistance Platinum, Maryland
"This is one of my favorite books! Living in rural Missouri I like to watch what other parts of the country are doing. The Swanepoel TRENDS Report makes it easy for me to see whats coming down the pipe line."
Debbie DiFonzo
Broker & Owner / United Country VIP Real Realty, Missouri
"Your insight into the marker is legendary and well deserved. The market to come is anybody's guess, however I fell that your estimate and forecast hold the highest chance of being correct."
Paul J Wells
Broker & Owner / RE/MAX Northern Illinois
"Thank God for your dedication to the real estate industry. When things look bleak or I have no idea how to position my company it's a blessing to have your Report to help guide the way. Quite honestly, I've read hundreds of books about business and real estate and can easily say the Swanepoel TRENDS Report is at the top of the list!"
Steve Hattan
Broker & Owner / HomeOwners Advantage
"Than you for your great contribution to the industry."
Brad Inman
Founder / INMAN News
"Stefan's genius is his ability to save us all time, energy and money by sorting through a vast amount of perspectives and deciphering the most relevant information about the direction of change in our industry. His annual Swanepoel TRENDS Report empowers real estate executives and agents alike to ride the wave of change, to thrive and not just survive."
Ron Siegel
President / Napa Consultants International
"For both Brokers and Agents the Swanepoel TRENDS Report provides not only a roadmap but needed guideposts to navigate the real estate profession. Utilizing available resources, the TRENDS Report provides direct recommendations and benchmarks to assist in planning for success in the real estate profession."
Walter Baczkowski
CEO / Metropolitan Consolidated Assn. of REALTORS
"Stefan's statistics transcend other real estate reports because his research is three dimensional and gives the user a peek into the future."
Kathy Howe
Owner/Educator / How2Educate
"I want to restate my great admiration and appreciation for your annual Trends Report. It is required reading for our staff and leadership and is at the forefront of our visioning, planning and industry presentations."
Mark Allen
CEO / Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors

"Every year we base much of our company vision around the forward thinking vision of the annual Swanepoel Trends Report.  Since doing so we've grown with quality people and into a position of strength. Thank you Stefan!"
Frank D'Angelo
Broker/Owner / EXIT Realty Nexus
"Thanks for all you have done to aid us gaining a clearer vision of our industry. It is confusing enough and having you to keep abreast of what is going on and about to happen is important to our successes and failures."
Jerry Young
Broker Associate / Real Living Main Street Realty
"Your rigorous and thoughtful efforts are most appreciated."
Alex Perriello
President and CEO / Realogy Franchise Group
"We really appreciate everything that you do to elevate the industry.  These are exciting times and you are the bard that is eloquently telling the story as it unfolds with keen perspective on where it is going."
Dan Duffy
Chairman & CEO / United Real Estate
"You stimulate innovation and creativity through your research and writings, and that is an invaluable asset to all of us."
Richard Smith
Chairman and CEO / Realogy Holdings Corp
“…we have all come to rely upon your research to help us in our thinking and planning so thank you so much for all you do! You are a true difference maker in the world my friend!”
Gary Keller
Co-Founder and Chairman / Keller Williams
"Stefan has an amazing grasp of far more than just where the real estate industry is and the current technology. He is a true visionary and can see where some of the newest trends and technologies will take society and our industry."
Keith Alba
Regional Director / Keller Williams Realty Colorado
"Stefan is always right on with his trends. The Swanepoel TRENDS Report is a must read."
John P Reinhardt
President / Fillmore Real Estate
"The Swanepoel Trends Report nearly packages everything in a data-rich edition that is both comprehensive and eminently readable. The result is the best single source reference available today that all professionals should keep at their fingertips."
Mark Palmero L'Boe
CEO / Compass Realty Systems, Missouri
"I have found the Swanepoel Trends Report to be right on. I use the foresight presented to maintain a competitive edge...their rigorous study of the market, understanding of our industry and intuition for the future are unparalleled."
Jaren L Davis
Vice President / Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Utah
"The Swanepoel TRENDS Report is a "must read" for international real estate practitioners. His vision contextualizes the information we receive and incites action in a sustained way."
Cormac J Meehan
Co-Chair Emeritus / International Consortium of Real Estate Associations
"Stefan's TRENDS Report was one of our most useful brainstorming tools we used before entering the US market. Trusted, profound and comprehensive!"
Mathias Bode
CEO / Engel & Volkers California